Ukulele Lessons

21st July 2018

I can now offer Ukulele lessons!

If you’re not quite ready for guitar or just fancy having a go with the Ukulele then why not give it a go…

It’s great fun!

The “Uke” is a bit like a guitar but with just 4 strings – that should make it easier right? – well it is right most of the time but there are still some chords easier on the guitar – but maybe I’m biased because I’ve spent so much time with guitars…

There are a fair few songs that are easy to play on the Uke – the “C” chord is super-easy – it’s just one finger! – same as “A minor”. Then you could try “F” (two fingers) and then “G” which is 3 fingers and looks just like a “D” on the guitar.

This instrument could be a good stepping stone to get to playing guitar – it uses a lot of the same techniques and is much smaller and more portable.

It seems to be small children like this instrument – its really accessible – but some of you old-uns (like me) can remember George Formby singing and playing about cleaning windows. Apparently he plays a variation on the Uke – a Banjolele.

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