Guitar Lessons in Milton Keynes

When I go back and remember how I learnt guitar I could have done it a lot quicker, so I’m here to teach guitar a better way

Anyone can learn to play guitar and with my help, you will too.

“I’m Pete, and I teach all guitar to all ages and abilities, well nearly all, practically speaking age 5 is minimum age to learn the guitar but there’s certainly no upper age limit. Learning to play the guitar is a great pastime for both the young and old alike.”

The problem with most guitar lessons is that the student can get bored because don’t generally want to play tunes that they’ve never heard. They just want to make a half decent effort at covering some of their favourite artists. Often a student’s goal is just to be able to make some noise – a sound that they enjoy. My approach to teaching guitar is different because I believe once you’ve got that sound, you can then build on that with more sounds whilst learning the other stuff along the way.

Look What Pete’s Students Say About His Guitar Tuition

Please add your guitar lesson testimonial by pressing the g+ on the top right of the page then go to "write a review"ThanksPete
Pete helped me learn bass guitar and I'm now I'm really enjoying being part of a function band - we've started recording tracks for the new promo.
Pete has been helping me with my lead guitar - I now feel a lot more confident
My son has been having lessons for a while now - we love it when he plays guitar and sings for us
I really look forward to my guitar lesson - its the high point of my week
I've been having guitar lessons with Pete in Milton Keynes and I can now play whole songs - my husband is so impressed my my progress
Peter MoorePeter Moore

I have been enjoying guitar lessons with Peter Hincks for around two years.

Whilst I've always loved music, I came to the guitar late in life and always found learning difficult. I never wanted to practice scales for hour on end. Over the years I've taken lessons from a couple of other teachers, but never got to the stage where I could play a whole song, and could certainly not sing and play at the same time!

So a couple of years ago I found myself still divorced for the second and final time and with free time when half custody of my son allows. I bought a decent guitar and decided I'd like to be able to play it a bit. Initially my 9 year old had a lesson one week, then me the next, until, inevitably my son wouldn't practice without nagging, so I then took over the lessons weekly.Each week either Peter comes here or I go to his and we have 45 minutes together. He's patient and talented and seems totally happy in his life. I now know numerous songs that I love, all the way through as he always makes a note of the songs I like and want to learn. He's clever in the songs he picks to teach me as there's normally an extra chord that I don't know or something that is aimed at getting me to the next level. I'm never gonna be Eric Clapton, but the guitar has become a very important part of my life, and rarely a day goes by when I don't pick it up at least half a dozen times.

I've got to the stage where the music I make up on my own actually sounds pretty decent and Pete's always positive and constructive. We've even had lessons where we've just jammed together, with me playing rhythm and him riffing lead. This is the most fun I've ever had on a guitar! Having grown too old to form bands, these lessons really make me wish I'd done this 35 years ago... I'd probably be pretty decent by now!

I still struggle with bar chords, but I'm not completely terrified of them anymore. I look forward to my weekly lesson and now consider Pete to be a good friend. He never asked me to do this testimonial, and if these words encourage you to pick up a guitar and try, for me, you could do no better than learning from Pete. I've been to see his band Kick Start and had a great evening, and if you want to learn from a relaxed, easy going and very talented guy, then I strongly recommend you give Pete a try

Reasons to Choose Pete Hincks as Your Guitar Teacher

  • TALENT – Pete’s an accomplished guitarist & experienced performer
  • LOCAL – Guitar Lessons MK is located right here in Milton Keynes
  • SAFE – Pete is CRB checked. Your children are safe at Guitar Lessons MK
  • EQUIPMENT – Lessons are conducted in Pete’s dedicated studio
  • LOW COST – Pete’s fees are affordable
  • SCORE – Play the song you enjoy

What’s On Offer at Guitar Lessons MK

Good Technique Means Faster Progress

Pete will help you to master the basics then teach you the music you want to play

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Here we have Pete’s latest comings and goings, information about Pete’s forthcoming gigs along with details of current special special offers and promotions. Remember Pete is a highly talented guitar teacher and experienced live performer.

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