Guitar Shops in Milton Keynes

11th March 2015
Guitar Lessons MK
Here’s a list of the guitar shops in Milton Keynes in no particular order:
1. The Music Kavern in Xscape, Central Milton Keynes. Friendly and helpful – I like these guys. Good for beginners and intermediate equipment. I go here the most as it’s the most local shop for south Milton Keynes. They’ve done me some good deals and some of my students too.
2. Hollywood Music in Stony Stratford. They have the full range of guitars here
3. Newport Music in Newport Pagnell. A lovely little shop selling quite a range. It’s more of a folky sort of shop.
4 Buskers Coffee Shop in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. It’s near the big Tesco’s on ground level. I found it by going through the old fire station and down the stairs. It took me two attempts to find this place – they gave me a badge saying “I found Buskers!” They stock a few basics in there – a great place for muso’s to hang out
5. Rock Hard Music in Wolverton, Milton Keynes