Find a Guitar Practice Partner

21st April 2015

Hi Everyone

It’s a generally good idea to have a practice partner. You don’t have to necessarily need to be the same skill level or like the same music but it helps if you are.

If you come to Guitar Lessons MK then I will normally advise students to try a practice partner. I hold a list of people that either want a practice partner or group lessons, and where I this it’s right, I’ll match up people and try to get them to play together either in a group lesson or outside the business completely.

If you are looking for a practice partner then either tell me in a lesson, or, if you don’t have lessons then feel free to drop me a line in you are in the Milton Keynes area (including Woburn Sands and surrounding areas) giving me an idea of your current skill level and music taste and I’ll try to help where I can.

There are also other organisations that can help:

Northampton Bands: This is what I’ve had most success with when I’ve been looking for bands and band members, but this should also be fine for finding practice partners. What I have found is that it’s also a good idea to share the same level of ambition – it’s generally not going to work for very long if one of you wants to play in your bedroom and the other wants world domination (musically)

Facebook Groups: Maybe like Bands In and Around MK

MusoFinder: Not had much success with this one but there is no reason why it’s not worth a try

Join My Band: I’ve not used this one. Tell me if it’s any good!

Ask Your Friend: This one is not a website – ask around your friends – even if you have to help teach them yourself